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The value of any name is determined by what a willing buyer would offer a willing seller. We are willing sellers... feel free to make an offer on any of our names. We will respond to all serious offers for purchase, profit sharing or co-development.

Many of our domain names have been appraised by Solution Home. Names with a registration number have been appraised by Solution home. Names that are marked a s Estimated have been appraised by us using a similar method. Solution Home's valuation model is explained in the transcript below for information purposes.

*Note: Solution Home was merged with Domain Systems in 2001

***Transcript from solutionhome.com***

solutionhome.com valuates domains based on marketability, length of name, brand recognition, development value and dot.value (dot.com versus dot.net, dot.org or any other dot.ending).  Each field is given a rating of excellent, good, fair or poor.  Names are then compared to the list of domains that solutionhome.com has in its research library of completed domain transactions as well as tens of thousands of completed appraisals.  For example, if WallStreet.com sold for $1 million and you have StockMarket.com, you should expect a similar return... in the same way if Drugs.com sold for $823,000 and you have Pharmacy.com again, you should expect a similar return.



Our qualifications for evaluating domain names are based on several factors: 1) thousands of hours of Internet marketing and research; 2) evaluation and study many actual domain sales over the past several years; 3) over 300 domain name evaluations prior to setting up the domain appraisal division; and 4) over 60,000 domain appraisals since setting up the domain appraisal division.

Most people that own domain names see that names like Business.com sell for $7.5 million and automatically think that their site can sell for even half of that. In some cases this may be true, but in reality, most of the time, it's not.

The criteria we use to evaluate domain names are: 
marketability - how marketable is this name
length of name - 5 characters, 8 characters, 16 characters? 
    The length of the name plays a big role in recognizability
brand recognition - how recognizable is the name? 
    i.e. cars.com vs. cme4driving.com
development value - can this be built into an instantly
    recognizable site, whose name describes its content
dot.value - dot.com vs dot.net, dot.org and any other dot.ending
6) The
Inventory Value is the value of the site if the owner chooses
    to hold on to it or develop it themselves. As with many stocks,
    the longer someone holds on to a name, the more valuable it

    will eventually become (especially the dot.com's)
7) the
Sales Value is the approximate value of what this name
    should sell for in the open market today.

Soutionhome.com, Inc. makes no guarantees as to the salability of your domain name or Internet business. The appraisals given are professional opinions and do not guarantee sales at that price. 

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